*Check what Abu Dhabi Prince wrote about Narendra Modiji*

*Check what Abu Dhabi Prince wrote about Narendra Modiji*

Shriram Garde
Mr Narendra Modi is winning hearts of various countries just by his diplomacy. Wherever *Modi* goes he receives a *Rock Star* like gathering from people of that country while whichever country he visits he just makes sure that the diplomatic ties get better.
Since India’s independence, India has witnessed a lot of Prime Ministers while even the USA has seen a lot of Presidents.
But *never in the history of India and USA a president of USA (Obama) called the Indian Prime Minister when he bids adieu*.
*Never in the history of Indian and American politics diplomats advised the US president (Donald Trump) to meet Indian prime minister with in 100 days of his new government*.
*Never in the history any one of us witnessed a Muslim country (UAE /Abu Dhabi/ Burj Khalifa) celebrating Indian Republic Day*.
Liberals say India doesn’t need a COMMUNAL MAN like MODI at the highest level. But just check the facts that even when the so called SECULAR forces were in India none of the Muslim dominant country celebrated Indian National Festival.
On the pious occasion of India’s 68th Republic Day *Mohammad Bin Zayed was the chief guest*. Mohammad Bin Zayed is the *Crowned Prince of Abu Dhabi*.
After the arrival Mohammad BIn Zayed said
“ *I am Very Happy to be in this Great Country and with warm reception of MY FRIEND NARENDRA MODI*.”
Prince of Abu Dhabi says “ *My Friend” to Modi*. This tells how strong the diplomatic ties have grown between the two countries.
How many times in the history have you seen the highest man of a country calling Indian Prime Minister his friend? Its a proud moment for India that Abu Dhabi Prince is now the greatest ally of our Prime Minister.


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