We are getting many forwarded messages engineered to create doubts in mind of innocent people.
Let us try to equip ourselves to counter them with researched reply.
Some common misinformation as below :
Urjit Patel became Governor two months back then how come preparation started 6 months back as he has put sign on currency ?
First :  preparation for currency began 6 months ago. Preparation means concept, design, prototype & several round of approvals and corrections. It’s no different from what we do to produce garment. Only in last month it goes into production. It’s easy to understand for you and me. Those who circulate this are novice and don’t know subject well.
BJP has helped Ambanis & Adanis ?
The allegation of give and take with Ambanis are only rumours but no proof. Tomorrow it can be said that Arvind Kejriwal or RaGa is also funded by Ambanis and Adanis. You know corporate houses fund both parties as they are not fools to promote one against other. Ask yourselves one question – how come Modi Govt imposed Rs 10000 Cr penalty on Reliance Oil of Mukesh Ambani which successive Congress govt couldn’t do despite courts had indicted them, if Modi was favouring them out of the way ? Think….
Reliance converted black money through Jio launch ?
If Jio was launched free it wasn’t free at all if you do reverse costing. They Also sold phones with connection and if you calculate the price of handset in China you will know they made cool profits overall ! They are not fools as we think about them. One had to pay Rs. 7000/- handset (a handset not costing more than Rs. 1000/- in china), so I don’t know how this can be free ?
Urjit Patel is related to Reliance ?
There is a system to elect RBI governor and the new governor belonged to the senior most team of Rajan. When Rajan or new governor joined RBI then it was not BJP who brought them into system. Urjit Patel was promoted as Dy. Governor of RBI on 11th Jan 2013 by CONG-UPA govt and Dy. governor can succeed Governor after the later’s term is over. This is the system and is not made by Modi Govt. They must have chosen him on some sound background so now to say Urjit Patel is related to Reliance doesn’t cut ice.
In fact had Modi dismissed him the opposition would have accused him for favouritism and conspiracy. Rather we should thank PM that he retained many high ranking officers appointed by UPA in his govt !!!
As you see these kind of vague and motivated accusations are circulated by Dirty trick department of Congress & AAP to create doubt and divert attention, and pressurise govt to rollback a historic, gutsy step in right direction.
Reality is Narendra Modi has done so much of work in last two years that they are afraid that he will come back. It’s all dirty politics rather than genuine politics in service of country. I can go on and on but I would like you to use your own wisdom to decide.
If we find examples of any harder working prime minister any where in world then let us stop supporting Narendra Modi !! Can anyone tell?
If Modi is wrong then criticise him but if he is right then support him. That’s the only thing we should be doing as Indian.
Let it be realised that it was not easy to take such a huge decision to demonetise currency which is biggest since independence. No govt apart from him took such a big risk which if things had gone wrong his Govt would have collapsed.
Pls send this reply to person who forwards you wrong information & SHARE this in your group as far as possible.
Jai Hind.


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