Kaisar Patel
The scorching sun deterred neither the master nor the beast
Aurangzeb’s gaze was fixed at the horizon where the sun rose in the far east
He was headed towards Burhanpur to meet his aunt and visit his mother’s tomb
While his father lay under house arrest awaiting his impending doom
Aurangzeb’s temper was as bad as could be
He had killed mercilessly and fought brutally
His stare frightened the bravest of the brave
He had after all sent his own brother to the grave
As he entered the magnificent tent
The sepoys lowered their heads in solemn reverence
Saif khan welcomed the Prince at the door
He summoned his wife, Malika Banu to greet the prince as the sky turned azure
As the anklets tinkled to the music, the slaves served food and the tent was all lit
The Prince was in his fine kaba and his attention didn’t waver one bit
But his heart was set on a mightier goal
This is a story that has never been told
His aunt was first to detect her nephew’s sorrowful eyes
She asked him what it was that troubled him day and night
He only smiled and asked his aunt to arrange for a better sport
He said he wanted to hunt, eat and explore
He had only recently caught a tigress alive
He had killed the tiger in a single combat without a spear or a knife
The aunt mocked him and said that there was more to life than killing
She asked the prince to take it easy and for once, start living
As the night began to draw near
The Prince sought solitude in prayers
He heard the muezzin’s call from a mosque nearby
He hurried with a hopeful heart and wishful eyes
His aunt was worried about the heir to the Mughal throne
Her sister was gone leaving a huge responsibility on her shoulders alone
The Badshah was put under solitary confinement
Jahanara was torn between the goodness of her father and her brother’s evil commandments
It was during this time that Aurangzeb met Hira, a slave
She became his close confidante and the situation soon got grave
They were often seen lost in deep conversations
The people at Burhanpur whispered about the two unequal companions
Hira wasn’t beautiful at all
She was all of sixteen, neither fair nor tall
The Mughal Prince was in his thirtys
Married to not one but two fair and beautiful ladies
But each time he saw Hira, he felt a void of a different kind
So one day he mustered courage and bought her from Saif Khan’s tribe
After that they both were lost in unison for quite some time
The aunt was troubled but she thought it was only a Prince’s favourite pass time
Hirabai had managed to tame the shrewd Prince
He gazed at her and even touched forbidden drinks
But Hirabai pushed the glass away
And directed his highness to attend to his work and to listen to what people say
When the Prince didn’t leave his chamber for months on end
The wazir got worried and decided to let go of pretence
He approached the aunt with an earnest request
The Prince had been postponing his meetings with the state delegates
Everyone was worried about the Prince and his future
They thought there would be no end to this sinned pleasure
But then one day Hirabai died…. just like that
People say that Auranzeb left for hunting that day
He rode into the forest and sat down to pray
For many days he moaned the loss of Zainabai
That was the name he had given to Hirabai
It is said that her loss brought back his evil streak
He returned to his ambition and once more became a fanatic and a freak
One wonders if she had lived a little longer
Would the world have seen a son much stronger


About The Author: Kaisar Patel

Have been a teacher for more than twenty five years now but there is a vagabond in me that surfaces every now and then .The three most important words for me are 'I am here'. I believe in humanity and in humility, in magic and in miracles and of course Shakespeare...cause what's life without a bit of Drama!!!


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