Just get up and spin around..don’t think much.

Just get up and spin around..don’t think much.

“Get up and spin around!”

“Get up and spin around in a circle any time you start to feel ‘blah.'”


Very simple. It’s HARD to not be in a good mood when you get up and spin around in a circle.

Seriously. Try it.

Get up and spin around in a circle a couple of times, and tell me that it’s not impossible to not have a smile on your face while you’re doing it. Right?

Why I love this so much?

Not just because it’s a quick “hack” to put yourself in a good mood, but rather because it reminds us QUICKLY that our moods are our responsibility.

At any point in time, we have the power to switch our mood from less-than-stellar, to, well, much better.

Sure spinning around in a circle isn’t going to change what’s happening in your life, but it has the opportunity to force you to stop, and possibly shift your perspective to a more positive light.

Even better, and this is key: IT’S SOMETHING YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW.

Often times when we think about shifting our perspective, or changing our attitude, or seeing something in a more positive light, actually doing it feels REALLY HARD.

Like, how do I *actually* change what’s going on in my brain?

The nice thing about this is, you just DO it, and the change happens almost automatically. It’s similar to forcing yourself to put a smile on your face, even when you don’t feel like it. This can have a positive effect on your mood, or standing in a power stance (hands on your hips), which can subconsciously make you feel more confident and self-assured.

It’s a simple gesture that we do with our bodies that can make a powerful effect on how we feel inside, and as long as we can put our bodies through the motions, our body is amazing enough to make the emotional shift for us.

Pretty cool how connected everything is, right?

So next time you’re feeling a bit “blah,” get up and spin in a circle a couple of times, and see what happens.

It’s just one of the simple, yet powerful ways that YOU can take responsibility for your attitude and perspective.



About The Author: Surekha Garde

With a Masters’ Degree in History along with Bachelors’ Degree in Commerce, Psychology and Education, I am a full time Teacher and Supervisor at a Private School in Mumbai.


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