This is a guest contribution by Kaisar Patel.
I heard about Parimala from my father, a long time ago
This story is about a girl and her beautiful soul
I suggest you use your discretion while you read
Cause there might be some who may will feel a bit jittery
Sujoy was an engineer in mind but a writer at heart
He skipped jobs as none would ever last
People called him a weirdo even when he was at his best
And as for him, he too never understood the rest
One day out of sheer boredom and stress
He decided to leave the city as he was feeling very depressed
He packed his belongings and set out on a journey
To a village in Vadodara by the name of Pani
He carried with him only a few belongings
He had informed only his mother about his wish and his longings
He had said that he wanted to write a beautiful story
A book that would be read by all and cherished
His mother had not known what to say
So she stood at the door and watched him tread away
She prayed for his success as she saw him leave
She hoped he would make it this time at least
Sujoy reached the village by the end of the day
He began his search for a place to stay
He was looking for a secluded spot
Where he could weave his words and his thoughts
After about an hour he knocked at Ramsingh’s door
He had heard from the locals that he offered a place for a meagre score
As the door opened it made a creaking noise
Sujoy was amused by the old door’s plight
He was informed by Ramsingh that there was no vacant place
Unless he was willing to live in Parimala’s room and share her space
Sujoy was bewildered at this strange suggestion
“Parimala” he repeated and looked around at the gloomy mansion
Ramsingh grinned and announced,” Don’t worry, she is no more.”
“My daughter, she lived a long time ago.”
At first Sujoy thought he’d run away
But it was getting darker and he knew he wouldn’t find his way.
So he agreed to wager that night
He was very sure that Parimala wouldn’t be inside
Ramsingh led him up the stairs
And Sujoy was sure he could feel some awful stares
But he thought it was his mind working
He didn’t believe in ghosts and their ominous lurking
So he laughed it out when an old garland fell on his arm
He felt the tassels and said,” That’s an old woman’s charm.”
A while later he was sitting on a wobbly bed
There was a lamp at the table near the headstead
Ramsingh pointed at the lamp and said
“In case there’s a power outage at night,
 use this to make your room bright.”
Sujoy felt dizzy and his smile disappeared
He had wagered for a night which he now began to fear
Soon Ramsingh left the room
Sujoy heard the door shut and he felt his doom
He immediately reached for his cell phone
And dialled the number of his home
The phone signalled- Out of range
But Sujoy, he tried once again
The window near the table opened to the wild breeze
It made him shudder and his eye began to twitch
He ran to shut the window and out of curiosity he simply peeped
At the silent street outside and he heard a bird tweet
As he was about to latch the window from inside
He saw a silhouette of a woman in white
His hands began to tremble
And then he knew not what he mumbled
Now he was sure he wouldn’t sleep a wink
So he sat on the table too afraid to even blink
He began to sing as loud as he could
And thought of writing his new book
He wanted his mind to drift away from that name
But Parimala’s name echoed in his mind, again and again
Since he had no other option
He thought, “Why not have a meaningful conversation?”
He began by saying, “Parimala, I am very afraid.”
“Please don’t scare me or I will faint.”
And soon the wild breeze turned into a zephyr
And Sujoy realized that he was already feeling better
He began humming a Rihanna song
But then the blades of the fan made a ratty sound
“Parimala, you are scaring me now”, he said
“Should I try Honey Singh instead?”
Just then the window blew open again
And an old owl flew in and perched itself on the windowpane
Sujoy began to grind his teeth
He realized that time refused to fleet
He gathered courage one more time
Nothing could have prepared him for a night of this kind
He managed to say, “Lata di is my favourite too.”
“I can hum her song if you want me to.”
At this there was complete calm all around
And Sujoy was happy as he heard no sound
He began writing a few lines of his story
But his life could never have been so weird and eerie
Cause as he penned his first few words
The lights went out and he sat up all alert
Then he realized there was a lamp
But to his disappointment there was no oil in the stand
He got up and moved towards the door
He thought he would awaken Ramsingh to let him know
He needed oil for his lamp
But how would he climb down the stairs
He said,” Parimala, do look after my papers.”
As he walked down groping around for the banister
By the time he reached Ramsinghs door
He was shaking from his head to toe
He called out to Ramsingh as loud as he could
But Ramsingh was in no mood to get up or move
And a disappointed Sujoy then didn’t know what to do
So he mustered courage and walked up the stairs as fast as he could
As he pushed open the door
He felt his heart beat like never before
He was amazed to see the room all lit
With a bright light from a tiny wick
“Parimala is that you”, he asked
And he felt the breeze twirl as if it danced
Sujoy immediately sat down to write
He penned his best seller in one night
The book was titled Parimala, my friend
It had a happy beginning and a happy end
It sold a hundred thousand copies
And soon Sujoy‘s name featured among the top celebrities
When the journalist lined up at his home
They wanted an answer to one question alone
“Where is Parimala?” they asked
And Sujoy took them to the balcony and showed them the stars


About The Author: Kaisar Patel

Have been a teacher for more than twenty five years now but there is a vagabond in me that surfaces every now and then .The three most important words for me are 'I am here'. I believe in humanity and in humility, in magic and in miracles and of course Shakespeare...cause what's life without a bit of Drama!!!

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