Kaisar Patel

This is a guest contribution by Kaisar Patel

The King was fat and stout
Needless to say his stomach always popped out
He loved to play the game of dice
And did I mention that he had a beautiful wife
He also had three lovely daughters
And his life was full of fun and laughter
His subject thought that he was the most blessed king
Now only if he could find a suitable prince
One day he called his eldest girl
And introduced her to the Prince of Murl
The Princess smiled but dipped her head
She whispered a ‘no’ and felt a strange unrest
The maid escorted the Princess to her chamber
Where her royalty would spend her time in day’s slumber
The king then called his second girl
She had pink lips and golden curls
When she saw the Prince of Murl
She looked quizzically first at her father and then at the Earl
The Father sensed his daughter’s choice
And smiled, but a crooked smile
He then sent for his youngest child
He knew she would listen as she was timid and mild
He introduced her to the Prince of Murl
He said, “This is my little girl.”
The girl looked at the Prince and then at her Father
She couldn’t make out the difference between one and the other
Her heart was not absolutely pleased
But since she loved her father she readily agreed
The youngest was married to the Prince of Murl
While the second was happy to have found the Earl
Now the only one remaining was the eldest of the three
The King’s daughter whose heart was as vast as the sea
She preferred the storm to the mild breeze
And roamed around the town when she found the world asleep
She had learnt the use of the sword and the sheath
She never minced her words and her good deeds
One day it is said a tribal came along
And played the flute and a tribal song
The princess who had been sleeping during the day
Got up to listen and felt her heart melt away
She ran across the palatial doors
And descended a flight of almost three floors
When she finally entered the King’s court
There was complete silence among the king’s folks
The Princess stood enchanted by the tribal’s demeanor
The king was angry and appeared to be meaner
Her dress was inappropriate and so were her shoes
Her hair was tousled and her gown was hanging loose
The king was embarrassed and in anger he raised his fist
The courtiers bowed low and disappeared like grey mist
The king looked at his daughter with angry eyes
He asked the ushers to take her inside
He then stomped out of the court room
And walked straight into his daughter’s room
She said, “I have made a choice,
I hope you like him as he appears nice.”
The King soon sent for his beautiful wife
And asked her how their daughter could be so naive
“I want to marry the tribal”, the princess said
The king was furious and almost banged his head
The Queen stood there and began to cry
She threatened her daughter to change her mind or she would die
The Princess said she had made up her mind
She wouldn’t give up so there was no use trying
The king vehemently straightened his crown
He said, “Off with you from my home and my ground.”
“If you must marry that man
Then remember you are no more a member of my clan.”
The Princess knelt down and began to weep
But the king said that his mind was made up and he couldn’t be deceived.
The Princess then met the tribal man
She asked him if he would marry her and if there was a chance.
The tribal couldn’t believe his good fate
But he warned her about his life in the forest and his difficult ways
The Princess repeated that she had made a choice
She vowed to stay by him until her demise
And so she was packed off with nothing more
Than an old box of clothes and without any remorse
Her new world was terrible at first
She faced challenges that she had never seen or heard
Soon she settled in her new life
But every night she trained with the sword and practiced a fight
She taught her husband the use of the sword and the shield
She taught him how to dodge and to lead
As time passed the king grew old
His strength was waning and that’s what my Father told
The neighbouring kings then formed a syndicate
With evil in mind they laid a siege at the Kingdom’s gate
The old king was trapped and didn’t know what to do
He sent his messenger to the Prince of Murl
And asked him to send help without further ado
The Prince of Murl sent the messenger back
With an apology that he couldn’t hold the King’s back
As he himself was ill at ease
With constant cold that made him freeze
The Earl was of no help too
And then the king didn’t know what to do
It is said that God plans all things well
And so here’s the story that I must tell
That day it seems the Tribal king was hunting with his entourage
When he heard about the siege and thus began his retreat march
He informed the Princess about her father’s dilemma
And assured her of his help from this unexpected trauma
The Princess picked up her sword and her shield
She looked at her husband and asked him to lead
The enemy was stormed by a band of ferocious tribe
It was a long battle fought for many days and nights
When the king learnt about this he was very happy and pleased
But when he thought about his daughter, he began to weep
Soon the enemy retreated and accepted defeat
They lay their swords on the old King’s feet
The king raised his sword and placed it on his son-in-law’s head
He declared him the new king even before his death
So the tribal man became the king of kings
And the Princess was happy to have found the man of her dreams


About The Author: Kaisar Patel

Have been a teacher for more than twenty five years now but there is a vagabond in me that surfaces every now and then .The three most important words for me are 'I am here'. I believe in humanity and in humility, in magic and in miracles and of course Shakespeare...cause what's life without a bit of Drama!!!


  1. Reshma

    Excellent…very intriguing

  2. Disha Anand

    Kaisar Maam!
    So lucky to have a teacher like you<3

  3. kaisar

    Thanks Reshma and Disha

  4. Priyanka

    A fairy tale told by a princess

    1. kaisar

      awww…priyanka thats so sweet…thanks dear

  5. Ananya

    Dear Kaisar
    I have been following your ‘poetic’ journey for a while now… And could not hold back from mentioning that you truly are indeed a magician of sorts…
    Many make magic out of objects and tricks… But few blessed souls have been given the power… of being able to make magic… from feelings, emotions and words…
    The way you interpret and write on varied topics… makes me intrigued and holds me spellbound..
    God bless you… Dil se … Keep creating the magic…

  6. kaisar

    Thanks a ton…ananya….means a lot to me….and a big thank you to….



  8. kaisar

    Thanks, Vaishali

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