The Disciple

The Disciple

Kaisar Patel
This is a guest contribution by Kaisar Patel.
Did you ever hear of this story before
It’s about Lord Buddha and his disciple from a popular folk lore
This disciple was new to the Buddha’s clan 
He was in awe of the Buddha and had joined  him with a plan
He wanted to perform miracles he said 
Like the Buddha himself who raised men from their death
But the only hitch was that he could never get it right
No matter how much he prayed and how much he tried
One day it is said that Buddha took him along
On a journey into the forest and to the land beyond
The disciple was happy as happy could be
He thought he would finally learn the secret of the Buddha and the Peepal tree
His heart was swelling with pleasure and pride
Cause the Buddha had chosen him from so many who had tried
So they began their journey at the rise of the sun
The Buddha walked steadily while the disciple had to run
After much contemplation the disciple gathered courage and asked his question  
He said I have only one thing to learn
I want to perform miracles like you and that is all that I yearn 
The Buddha smiled and said, “The next person we meet in distress 
will be cured by your soothing words.”
“Trust yourself and believe. The rest to god you must leave.”
The disciple was joyous to hear these words
He knew he could do better than the others 
As they moved further ahead
The jungle grew darker although the sun outside was red
Soon they heard a wailing sound
Of a child probably not far away in the corner around
As they got closer still
The sound began to grow and it was almost a shrill
The child was on her mother’s lap
The mother was holding her and caressing her back 
When she saw the Buddha right in front of her
She joined her hands and begged him to come near
She said she wanted him to cure the child’s ailment
And so she began to narrate and lament
The Buddha stopped her with a wave of his hand
And he pulled his disciple forward and said, “ Now do what you must, here is your chance.”
The disciple looked with worried eyes
He said, “I have no clue as to why the girl is traumatised.” 
The Buddha said, “Close your eyes and just hold up your hands, praise the Lord and believe he can.”
“The rest you mustn’t worry about,
now be quick don’t waste your time in doubt.”
The disciple was anxious and he tried to shut his eyes
The child’s wailing made him realise
The matter wasn’t as easy as he thought 
But now there was no time to be lost
He repeated what the  Buddha had asked him to say
But his mind was unclear about the miracles and it’s ways
So in spite of his prayers the girls pain didn’t ease
She cried a little more as if to tease
The poor disciple cringed at the girl’s plight
He begged the Buddha to hold him and guide
The Buddha said first calm yourself and believe she is healed
The rest as I said is none of your worry
The disciple tried one more time
 But his mind was wondering without reason or rhyme
The Buddha held his disciple’s wrist and slowly but surely he tightened his grip
He asked his disciple to meditate
He said all that is irrelevant will gradually fade
The disciple soon fell into a trance
His mind was focused and he knew it was his chance
He declared that she was healed by his word
And he didn’t open his eyes till the birds began to chirp
He had spent the entire night in constant faith
The mother and child were now both relieved and awake
While the disciple was happy to see the child cured of all ache
He then turned his attention 
And thanked his master for guiding him in the right direction
The Buddha said, “ what I can do, so can you.”
“Believe in yourself and your half way through.” 
Since then the disciple began to preach
It’s all in you and your self-belief
You can conquer the world at large 
If you have the will there is always a way and that my friend is an old adage


About The Author: Kaisar Patel

Have been a teacher for more than twenty five years now but there is a vagabond in me that surfaces every now and then .The three most important words for me are 'I am here'. I believe in humanity and in humility, in magic and in miracles and of course Shakespeare...cause what's life without a bit of Drama!!!


  1. Reshma Kamat

    Awesome…poem narrating a story and a beautiful moral at the climax…looking forward for more…

  2. kaisar

    thank you reshma

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