The Father.

The Father.

Kaisar Patel

This is a guest contribution from Kaisar Patel.

The boy was in his teens and the girl was more than twelve
Now what brought them together
Well, that was something no one could tell
But every morning she prayed for him when she went to ring the temple bell

The people thought it weird that both had got so close
So they told the father  to intervene before things became worse
They said morals were lacking in the so called ‘love birds’
And if the father did nothing then things would definitely get worse

Ergo the father thought it right to get her married off
He called a boy of noble birth and fixed the date of the girl’s new birth
The girl, she cried and begged and begged while the boy he roamed around  feeling all helpless

The father said he knew what he was doing though he saw the girl turn pale
The boy, he said was a prince and the girl after all believed in fairy tales
So the father wondered what the big hullabaloo was about
He knew he was right and there was very little doubt

The people were delighted they knew something was wrong
How could the father be happy when his daughter was doing wrong?
They urged the poor father to hasten the marriage date
They said they wanted to see him happy before it was too late

Now on the wedding day, the girl, she ran away
And the father took his gun with vengeance on his mind
How could his daughter ruin the reputation of his kind?
People said they saw the two running through the drains

They supported the father and told him to hold the reins
A daughter who disobeys should be punished for her sins
You can’t let go and you must set some margins

As the father aimed the weapon his eyes were filled with tears

He hadn’t in a long time felt this kind of fear.
His hands began to tremble and his throat began to choke
for a moment he thought he would forgive them and hold them really close

But behind him was a trail of those who wanted him to kill
They didn’t care a little about this pretty Jill
Now before the father could fire, the couple simply jumped
Over the cliff, on the rocks and lay there dead and numb

The people said it was the father’s fault; he should have done some right
How could he let them jump without a proper fight?
They left the old man to fight the ghosts as the sobbing sun turned its face around the earth’s globe.

The pain in his chest would kill him he thought and so he lay there still
When morning came he saw two angels with bright and colourful wings
They told him, “Don’t you worry we have come to take you there
where people’s opinions don’t matter and there is little care.”
And thus he breathed his last in total despair

That dawn some people saw the sun shine so bright
It made them sweat and made them curse the noon tide
They all ran helter skelter but found no place to hide.



About The Author: Kaisar Patel

Have been a teacher for more than twenty five years now but there is a vagabond in me that surfaces every now and then .The three most important words for me are 'I am here'. I believe in humanity and in humility, in magic and in miracles and of course Shakespeare...cause what's life without a bit of Drama!!!


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    Wonderful story! A haunting reminder to be more tolerant of each other, especially in the family. Well done! Xx

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