The Hamelin Story

The Hamelin Story

Kaisar Patel
This is a guest contribution from Kaisar Patel.
Remember the boy of Hamelin whom the Pied Piper chose to leave behind
for the villagers to learn a lesson of a different kind
Now about the boy it is said,
he went without water and bread for days on end
His mother begged, his father implored
But the boy turned adamant and was not like before
He believed he was cheated by the people of Hamelin
and as he grew older he began to sin
He began by lying and went on to stealing
The people were tired of his ways and of his dealings
He made no friends he didn’t care for his kin
He wasn’t affected by books or print
His parents told him that he was wrong 
The grudge would only make him weak, not strong
But he was determined to fight his fate for punishing him on being a little late
He said had he been a little quick ,
he would be rejoicing with his friends and enjoying the magic tricks 

As the days passed his parents grew old
By the way this is the story that my father told
He said sometimes it was the police, sometimes the victim who knocked on their door with a plight or a dictum
The parents lost their joy ,they lost their faith
soon they lost the reason to live and blamed their fate
Whereas the boy was on a running spree, he had been wanted in a murder mystery 
The parents began to weaken without love and care
They longed for their son’s arms that weren’t there
Before long they lay on their dead bed
Unattended , uncared and totally unfed
The mother died first and then the father 
The boy was clueless about one or the other 
When the boy returned from prison
he shed no tear nor did he offer a prayer 
Instead he blamed his parents for not being there

The story here has a new twist
Another  boy returns from the cave and from the Pipers tricks
He tells the villagers how he managed to escape from the torture of the Piper with a scarf around his nape
He said they were promised a magical land with fountains and chocolates straight out of a fairy’s hand 
But what they got were sleepless nights as they were made to work and he recounted his plight
He wished he hadn’t  followed the Piper and his trail
He said he didn’t know behind the mountain there was a jail
It’s then that this boy remembered his parent’s words
He was sorry for the time that he had lost in this world 
The moral of the story is this-
Stay happy and contented with what is
Cause when you regret what you couldn’t have
You close some open doors that are already there 
Thank god for today and move forward with a smile
You never know how blessed you are till you see someone else toil 
Had the boy put his past behind, had he been honest and kind
His parents would have lived a little longer
and their love would have made him only a bit stronger
I hope this story brightens your day and I hope you make the most of today



About The Author: Kaisar Patel

Have been a teacher for more than twenty five years now but there is a vagabond in me that surfaces every now and then .The three most important words for me are 'I am here'. I believe in humanity and in humility, in magic and in miracles and of course Shakespeare...cause what's life without a bit of Drama!!!

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