The shining pearl

The shining pearl

Kaisar Patel
This is a guest contribution by Kaisar Patel.
The woman was on her death bed
She saw her children and their heads
All huddled in a corner of her bed
They all stood by her side
Waiting for her to move on with the tide
It was taking a bit too long
So they moved and scuffled and whispered,” How long?”
The eldest son said he had a business deal
The younger one too then appealed
He couldn’t wait any more he said
Let him be informed once she is dead
The husband was old and had little to say
He had settled his scores with the woman in all possible ways
What lay in front of him was a woman he didn’t need
As now she couldn’t cook, clean or feed,
his hunger and his appetite
So there was no reason to cry or fear
the death of a woman who was once so near
to him and to his,
To those who didn’t care and to those who wouldn’t miss
But the one who looked troubled and weak
Was none other than the daughter who saw what nobody could see
She saw her mother heartbroken from within
Though the tears spilled the eyes didn’t blink
The mother whose body was frail and shrivelled
by the disease that had made her weak and crippled
Was wondering who would love her sons in her absence
Would the wives cook and feed them meals?
Would they run around and be on their heels?
The woman knew her husband would move on
But who would feed him once she was gone
She hassled herself with worthless worries
About her grandchildren and their studies
Who would find her daughter a groom?
She thought as she looked at all the familiar faces in the room
All of whom were occupied
with thoughts concerning their mother’s impending demise
The only one to meet her mother’s eyes
 was the daughter who stood by her bedside
A tear drop fell from the daughter’s eye
She quickly wiped it with a sigh
And consoled her mother with a frigid smile
Assuring her of filling in her place
and managing the household that was like a maze
The mother then smiled and shut her eyes
And before long her soul began to rise
But as she turned to look behind
She saw something that had never crossed her mind
The room was now empty
and the only one standing was her little girl
Whom she now thought of as the only shining pearl
Who would brighten up her household
With love for her brothers and play the role
Of a loving sister and a daughter
She knew her girl would never falter
She would also hold her father’s hand
Help him to move on and understand
With these thoughts the soul was gone
To meet its maker and ask for a bond
That her daughter will one day find her peace
A life of her own and fulfil all her needs
That she will be strong at all times
And conquer her dreams and build a shrine
Not to worship but to be worshipped
For those who care little for a girl
This is a story that will surely make your heart turn…


About The Author: Kaisar Patel

Have been a teacher for more than twenty five years now but there is a vagabond in me that surfaces every now and then .The three most important words for me are 'I am here'. I believe in humanity and in humility, in magic and in miracles and of course Shakespeare...cause what's life without a bit of Drama!!!


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