Throughout my career I’ve had friends and colleagues

Throughout my career I’ve had friends and colleagues

Throughout my career I’ve had friends and colleagues ask: how come you haven’t written a book yet?

Last few years Shriram, my husband started insisting (rather started putting pressure on me) that it’s high time now that I write a book.

Finally I succumbed to what he said and decided not to write a book yet, but start this blog. Shriram told me – (paraphrased) – That I am in this field of Education as a Teacher for last 27 years. Let’s assume that every year I interact with some 2,000 new students on an average, which makes it 54,000 students in 27 years; in addition to this their parents etc. and other acquaintances of me. So in all I must have interacted or have come across with more than 200,000 odd people in last 27 years. These 200,000 people and more will be benefited to a great extent if I share my experiences through this blog.

So ultimately we decided on starting and share my experiences with others.

This blog will have posts which are events of my life and much more. Which will help me remember for my entire lifetime – the special moments I never want to forget – the people I’ve loved; the friends I’ve made; the places I’ve visited. Record my achievements, make a note of favourite films/books/music/people, write down my ambitions, and make a To Do Before I Die list. My first steps, first words, first day at school. This blog will be a story of my life.

As a child, I used to always imagine I would one day have an opportunity to walk into a large book store and see my own book placed next to those of accomplished authors. I still like the scent of freshly printed pages and which made me enjoy trips to the book store as a kid.

My ultimate dream though will always be to publish a book.

At the beginning of the college year, little did I know that a class of D.Ed. I hadn’t signed up for would lead me on such a marvellous and fascinating journey of opportunities.

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So I’m starting this blog, laying out my views, which I’m calling spiritoria.comThe little of my blog won’t be original: I will be borrowing few posts from the internet that inspired me and of course from lots and lots of well-wishers who would be interested in posting their awesome articles on this blog.

My husband has helped me in setting up the technical aspects of this blog. But this blog is entirely yours…the readers of it. I will look forward for some marvellous posts from you which will make this blog one of the best.

Now, if you want to start a blog or say write a book on any subject what will you do? Instead of speaking to ten different “blog coaches,” and asking them if there’s a market for your work, i.e. asking strangers for permission, I realised there’s always an audience for good writing. Alternatively, if you decide you’re only going to write something “trendy” or a sure-fire hit…what exactly would that be? Not to mention, for every classic that changed people’s lives, there are a thousand other people out there who roll their eyes at the same book. You can’t please everyone. But if you care about your story, you’ll present it in a way that makes other people care. I always like to give credit to people in my life, some credit: trends come and go, but good writing always finds an audience.

While writing, I turn off my Phone, Facebook, silence all beeping devices and write. I never read books about how to start a blog. I set aside 15 minutes in the morning or evening and started writing paragraphs. Paragraphs lead to pages. Pages lead to chapters. Got enough chapters and oh my goodness, what do I have here? I have plenty of blog posts ready, even before I set up this blog.

How do you get up in the morning? How do you live your life? There are no guarantees in this weird, messy, frenetic, heartbreaking, marvellous world of ours.

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Failure is giving up, or even worse, never starting. The other thing, that thing about trying again and again, that’s called life. You’re going to have to believe in yourself and the importance of your story and commit to that. You’re going to have to accept that no, not everyone will like your blog, but there will be readers who will stay awake all night to go thoroughly and read each and every word that you have written. Feeling a little less alone in the world. What a triumph that would be!

I have decided to write about, various events that occurred in my life and what I have learned and lessons for all of us.

I urged myself to start this blog inside of me, because if nothing else, that process, and the confidence, hopes and pride it brings is bound to change at least one person’s life…ME.

I’m truly thrilled.



About The Author: Surekha Garde

With a Masters’ Degree in History along with Bachelors’ Degree in Commerce, Psychology and Education, I am a full time Teacher and Supervisor at a Private School in Mumbai.


  1. Abhinav Krishnan

    Hello Surekha ma’am,

    I was one of your many students that you have taught and believe me, that was the only time I was actually interested in learning history. I had never slept in your classes and never worried about marks, maybe because of the way you taught.
    Welcome to the world blogging ma’am.
    All the best!
    Looking forward for your future posts ma’am.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Abhinav. A teacher’s success depends on her students. Real happiness and a sense of achievement is in the classroom. That’s where she belongs. Hope to keep in touch.

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