What goals to set and how to achieve them – Simplified

What goals to set and how to achieve them – Simplified

Again a very common topic!

But, though a lot of people out there have heard about the words like goals, goal setting, achieving the goal etc., I have come across many people and the readers of this blog recently, who are just confused about “What goal/s to set”, and ultimately how to achieve them.

So let’s have a look in general on – The Types of Goals one can set with few examples. Here I would emphasise on being more specific and trying to keep the goals more simple. Also remember that the goals should be realistic and measurable.

Personal Goals –

You may plan to achieve something like –

Reduce the weight by 5 kg in next 6 months.

Run 5 Km distance in 6 months and a half marathon by year end.

Sleep by 10.30 PM and wake up by 5 a.m. daily to exercise and meditate.

Reach 10 minutes early to office every day.

Make a list of books to be read in next 12 months.

Visit at least 1 very old friend or a relative every fortnight.

Marriage Goals –

Read 2 marriage books in 3 months.

Go on at least one date per month.

Goals for Mothers –

Enrol the child for a gymnastic coaching class in winter and swimming class in summer.

Teach children to eat with chop sticks in summer vacation.

Make children aware about basic table manners.

Goals with respect to friends and or other family members –

Repair sour relations with cousin in next 6 months.

Start weekly or fortnightly meeting with one of the friends and relative.

Plan a get together of friends at least once in 3 months.

Financial Goals

Plan to save at least 5% of existing vehicle fuel expense in 6 months.

Reduce electricity bill by 5% in next month.

Start saving at least Rs. 1000 per month, from next month for 1 year.

Clear credit card outstanding amount by end of the year.

Buy a new wardrobe next month.

Invest Rs. 50,000 for at least 3 years by end of the year.

Business goals –

Improve relations with 3 existing clients in a month.

Meet 2 new clients in a month.

Release 1 new e-book by end of the year.

Goals for children appearing for X or XII std exam –

Study for at least 3 hrs a day and increase the time by 15 minutes every week.

Limit the use of social media sites to only 10 minutes a day or else stop completely.

Spend at least 30 minutes for minimum 6 days a week towards fitness/exercise.

Spend at least 15 minutes outdoor – meeting friends or going alone for a simple walk.

Completely stop watching daily soaps on TV.


One has to have goals to move ahead in the life. We say everyone should have dreams also, but just the dreams are not enough. One must have specific, realistic, measurable and achievable goals in first place, and by achieving these goals you will be able to fulfil your dreams as well. You must know where you want to go in life (destination) and why you want to go there (purpose).

Will you just go to a bus or a railway station and catch any bus or a train going anywhere?


You will plan the journey (destination) and choose a specific mode of transport which will take you to the desired destination. Also quite obviously your journey to a specific destination is for some reason (purpose). Similarly, you must plan your life’s journey too, or else you may end up going anywhere or rather nowhere and most probably it will be a miserable condition.

Writing down the Goal –

Actually, writing down your goal/s gives you a better clarity in knowing what your goal exactly is. Don’t go for those computer and app based goal setting tools and other fancy things. Get a bit physical, pick up a pen and a paper and write down your goal/s.

By writing down the goal you get committed to yourself for working towards it. It also means that you have jotted down your ideas in black and white and are responsible for any action towards it.

As soon as you will write down your goal, you will start working towards it. You will be putting ‘life’ in your goal by writing it down.

When you write down the goal, you will also find the need to follow up on your progress. You will also start keeping a track of –  if you are going in the right direction or not.


How to be on track with your goals –

  1. Make a list –

My husband, Shriram has a habit of making a ‘to do’ list. It is a sort of ‘short term goals list’, I would say. He writes down, every single ‘to do’ thing, for today, tomorrow and for the whole year. Once the task is completed he ticks on the serial no of the task. Once that is down he gets tremendous satisfaction of completing that task, howsoever small or big that task may be.

  1. A detailed planning –

Shriram gets highly motivated by writing down the ‘to do’ list and by ticking on the completed task. You may not get motivated towards completing any task or any goal by doing something else. Find out what motivates you in completing your goal and do exactly that. It’s important to recognise your motivating factors early enough when you are focusing on achieving any goal.

Shriram is in to trading in Indian Equity Markets since last 8 years. He has set “daily earning goal’ in an excel sheet and he tries to achieve that figure. He has an entire year’s excel sheet ready with him, and he knows how much he needs to earn today, tomorrow or say on a specific day in the month of August 2016.  This gives him great satisfaction and motivation.

  1. Always remind yourself of your goal –

To stay on track of your goals you may need to write the goals down and display them at a prominent place in your house. These are the reminders which will always keep on reminding you of where you have to ultimately reach in life.

Writing down your goals is very significant in your journey towards accomplishing them. This simple act will give you great courage and motivation to get going in the right direction.

So Finally – Have a SMART goal!

SMART is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound!!

All the Best!!!



About The Author: Surekha Garde

With a Masters’ Degree in History along with Bachelors’ Degree in Commerce, Psychology and Education, I am a full time Teacher and Supervisor at a Private School in Mumbai.


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